Antonio del Giudice

Antonio is an architect and researcher currently based in London



Montanha Invertida / Inverted mountain

In March 2023 G.I.T launched its first film project: Montanha Invertida [Inverted Mountain]. We made it to support the struggle against the planned open-pit lithium mine in Covas de Barroso, Northern Portugal. Through 3D modelling and cartographic analysis, we reveal some of the destruction this mine would bring, to the region and further afield. Made in collaboration with people living and working in the region, we visualise some of the oversights and risks buried in the environmental impact assessments and mining plans.

Showing as part of Desejos Compulsivos at Galería Municipal de Porto, 25.03 - 28.05. 

2,3,1000-GIT [Grupo de Investigaçao Territorial] is
Godofredo Enes Pereira, Jacob Bolton, MingXin Li, Antonio del Giudice, Tiago Patatas

(images courtesy of Renato Cruz Santos/Galeria Municipal do Porto)