Antonio del Giudice

Antonio is an architect and researcher currently based in London



Não as Mina no Barroso

Não às MINAS no BARROSO is a movement in defense of the natural, social and cultural heritage of the municipality of Montalegre.
The community is currently fighting against the interests of mining, which insists on taking the natural, social and cultural values of the re- gion (and the country), opposing any type of interest that is not its preservation, defense and protection.

We supported the community of Barroso in drafting an envioromental assessment to be distributed in the form of a leaflet for the forthcoming protest and events organised for the coming months.

This is a leaflet showing the potential impact of lithium mining in Covas do Barroso, visualising the plans submitted by Savannah Resources. The research and visualisations were produced by a team consisting of Godofredo Pereira, Jacob Bolton, MingXin Li and myself in collaboration with local organisations and activists Unidos Em Defesa de Covas do Barroso, Minas Não, PNB - Povo e Natureza do Barroso Unidos pela Natureza Associacao Ambiental, Extinction Rebellion Portugal which planned the recent protests rally in Boticas.

The text was written by the local organisations. The design of the leaflet is by Dayana Lucas.

2,3,1000-GIT [Grupo de Investigacao Territorial]
Godofredo Enes Pereira, Jacob Bolton, MingXin Li, Antonio del Giudice, Tiago Patatas