Antonio del Giudice

Antonio is an architect and researcher currently based in London



An alternative strategy for tourism in the Atacama Desert

During our fieldwork in the Atacama region, we engaged in discussions about the impact of tourism in villages around the Atacam Salt Flat. Meeting locals and representatives from Tulor & Beter communities, we explored alternative tourism approaches. Concerns raised by community leader Daniel Chinchilla highlighted issues such as excessive resource consumption, traffic in protected areas, and heritage destruction. To address these, we devised a proposal centred on archaeological and land stewardship tours, along with establishing a workshop hostel.
We aimed to share ideas and concepts that could allow the community of Tulor & Beter to manage their ancestral territory, by regaining control and access over ancestrial and archaeological sites.

Locals see tourism as a significant economic contributor to the villages and communities near the Salar de Atacama. However, they recognize the need for a distinct approach to managing resources, space, and labour organization. This approach is crucial for preserving traditions and customs while also generating revenue opportunities without imposing on the local community.