Antonio del Giudice

Antonio is an architect and researcher currently based in London



Territory and ways of knowing

For generations, northern Chile's indigenous communities have contended with land loss to mining and right-wing politics linked to the Pinochet constitution. My exploration, through media and Atacama Desert dialogues, unveils the trials of indigenous life. Government regulations trigger conflicts, compelling displacement in pursuit of better living standards. This project exposes the marginalization of indigenous knowledge and territorial sovereignty, sacrificed for industry interests and conservative agendas.
The concept of ‘performed territoriality’ as Gabrielė Grigorjevaitė' argued in her thesis ‘Territorial Disputes and the Neo-Extractivist Paradigm’ is key to understanding how territory, resources, infrastructures and knowledge are part of an ecology of life in the Atacama.

Collaborators and supervisors include: Rolando Humire Coca, Claudia Montero, Georgia White, Godofredo Enes Pereira